Core Group & Working Groups Meeting

Core Group & Working Groups Meeting
Date: October 22nd-23rd, 2019
Venue: Sapienza University of Rome
Location: Rome, Italy

This two-day meeting hosted by Sapienza University of Rome (Grant Holder of the Action) provided an opportunity for selected working group members to come together both as small groups and as a single large group to further plan, develop, and undertake the activities that will address the goals of Grant Period (GP) 1. In addition, the Core Group met separately to manage the progress of the Action activities to date, and to discuss the planned showcase meeting in Lisbon in February. 

The meeting ran following the attached Programme.

Many thanks to Daniela de Biase for hosting us in Sapienza and to all the participants for their enthusiasm which helped to make this a successful meeting!
Pete Lund (chair) and Daniela De Biase (vice-chair)

Sapienza Map (click on the map to enlarge)

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