Working Group 2 (WG2)

Working Group 2 (WG2)
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Working Group 2: Methodologies and expertise in the study of micro-organisms at low pH


Many techniques are used in qualitative and quantitative studies on the effects of acid on micro-organisms, and no one lab is expert in all of them. Network members will possess a high level of expertise in many methods which are applicable to research on microbial responses to low pH, with considerable potential for research synergy. For this field to advance, it must involve the use of different methods both to triangulate results from different approaches and to provide complete descriptions of physical and biological events.

There is thus a need to raise awareness of the types of methods that are available in the different disciplines and what they can deliver, and to provide training in their use and application. Where methods are hard to transfer (for example because of the need for highly specialised equipment), opportunities for collaboration and laboratory placements need to be developed. This Working Group will address these issues.


(1) plan and construct a comprehensive and sustainable open access database of the research expertise of all participants in the network, cross-referenced to their publications and to the information generated by WG1;

(2) examine needs and opportunities for new technical advances;

(3) develop and implement training activities particularly for students and ECIs in specific methods.