Working Group 1 (WG1)Working Group 1:Integration of fundamental knowledge on impacts of low pH on micro- organisms and identification of knowledge and technical gaps.Read More ⤑
Working Group 2 (WG2)Home Working Groups Working Group 2: Methodologies and expertise in the study of micro-organisms at low pH RationaleMany techniques are used in qualitative and quantitative…Read More ⤑
Working Group 3 (WG3)Home Working Groups Working Group 3: Clinical applications of microbial responses to low pH RationaleMicrobial infections are a serious source of global morbidity and mortality…Read More ⤑
Working Group 4 (WG4)Home Working Groups Working Group 4: Biotechnological applications – exploitation of micro-organisms in low pH manufacturing processes RationaleAs fossil fuel reserves decline, the search is…Read More ⤑
Working Group 5 (WG5)Home Working Groups Working Group 5: Applications in food and drink manufacture and processing RationaleMany bacteria and fungi are found in raw food ingredients. To…Read More ⤑
Working Group 6 (WG6)Home Working Groups Working Group 6: Communication, dissemination RationaleThe success of the Action depends equally on high quality work being done while it is taking…Read More ⤑