22nd Acidic Friday

22nd Acidic Friday
Date: 16.06.2022 15:00
Venue: Zoom
Location: Online

Open discussion platform of the COST action EuroMicropH. This discussion series is intended to stimulate an exchange on the different aspects of how microorganisms react to low pH conditions and why people are interested to investigate this subject.

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16.06.2023 15:00 CEST

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Meeting-ID: 641 0763 3487
Password: U1H5hD4B


Chairs: Daniela De Biase, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy ;  Matthias Steiger, TU Wien, Austria


15:00 Wellcome 

15:05  Aline Reinfurt, TU Wien, Austria

Manganese and its regulatory role on the citrate exporter CexA

15:25 Mohanakrishnan Logan, University of Galway, Ireland

Influence of pH, heat treatment of inoculum and selenium oxyanions on
concomitant selenium bio-remediation and volatile fatty acids production
from food waste

15:45 Samah Mechmechani, University of Lille, France

Study of the resistance of Staphylococcus aureus biofilm, biofilm-detached cells and planktonic cells to low pH treatment used alone or combined with microencapsulated carvacrol

16:05 Dеbora Cerda Bernad, Miguel Hernandez University of Elche, Spain

Screening probiotic strains for their ability to produce neuromodulatory

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