EuroMicropH – Progress, Plans, and Opportunities

EuroMicropH – Progress, Plans, and Opportunities
Date: 09.09.2021-10.09.2021
Venue: Zoom,
Location: Online

EuroMicropH – Progress, plans, and opportunities

The aim of this meeting is to inform about the current progress in the Euromicroph network and to stimulate new collaborations and activities.



14:00 CEST, MC Meeting Part 1                                                 Chair: Peter Lund    

Reporting by Core Group Members (Action Chair, Grant holder, WG Leaders, STSM manager, ITC grant committee, VM, VNS)

closed meeting, MC members will receive a Zoom link by email

16:30 CEST, Presentation of STSM scholarship holders        Chair: Daniela de Biase

            Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) are extremely powerful tools of COST Actions. Some EuromicropH STSM  grantees have enthusiastically accepted to tell us about their experiences and the outcomes of their STSM. The session will start with short presentations (a few minutes per speaker). We will then open to questions from the audience. Join us! It will be fun and informative.

meeting open to the public, Zoom link:

17:30 CEST, Mixer on                                              Chair: Matthias Steiger

Everyone is invited to take part in this meeting and to discuss your relevant topics with other EuroMicropH members such as the exchange of methods, joint publications, new collaborations or other things.

meeting open to the public, Link:

Based on a recent survey four topics where predefined to enable a discussion between participants:

  • Scientific Exchange (e.g. STSMs, new collaborations…)
  • Funding and Grants (planned projects, new grants etc.)
  • Methods Marketplace (learning or sharing new methods)
  • Publishing with COST (writing publications together within our consortium…)
  • Other topics

Everyone is invited to speak and communicate with  the other participants. There will be no presentations from others.

It is just a networking possibility to meet other persons from the action and speak.


10:00 CEST, MC Meeting Part 2                                      Chair: Peter Lund    

            Discussion and Voting

closed meeting, MC members will receive a Zoom link by email

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