14th Acidic Friday 

14th Acidic Friday 

Open discussion platform of the COST action EuroMicropH. This discussion series is intended to stimulate an exchange on the different aspects of how microorganisms react to low pH conditions and why people are interested to investigate this subject. 

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21.10.2022 16:00 CEST

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16:00 Welcome

16:05 Ivo van den Hurk, TU Wien, Austria

Microbial upgrading of one-carbon compounds for chemical production

16:30 TBD


Microbial upgrading of one-carbon compounds for chemical production

Ivo van den Hurk

The current fossil fuel-based economy is arguably unsustainable in the long term, which has led to an increased interest towards renewable, CO2-neutral resources such as biomass and cellulosic materials to generate the necessary energy and materials. CO2, CO and H2 derived from plant biomass gasification and industrial gaseous waste streams (e.g. steel milling process) are potential alternative carbon and energy sources for value-added chemical and fuel production. Acetogenic bacterium Thermoanaerobacter kivui is a promising microbial catalyst since it accommodates CO2 fixation to value-added bioproducts. Lactic acid (LA) is an appealing bioproduct for its various applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry.

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