10th Acidic Friday

10th Acidic Friday
Date: 26.11.2021 CET 16:00
Venue: Zoom
Location: Online, Zoom

Open discussion platform of the COST action EuroMicropH. This discussion series is intended to stimulate an exchange on the different aspects of how microorganisms react to low pH conditions and why people are interested to investigate this subject. 

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26.11.2021 16:00 CET

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Ricardo Santos , Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Lisbon, Portugal


16:00 Welcome

16:05 Liana VANYAN, Yerevan State University, Armenia

The role of pH in biogas and biohydrogen production during utilization of lignocellulosic waste

16:30 Fatih OZOGUL, Cukurova University, Adana, Turkey

The significance of cell free solution of lactic acids bacteria for the prevention of food-borne pathogen and their biogenic amines production

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The role of pH in biogas and biohydrogen production during utilization of lignocellulosic waste

Liana Vanyan

The purpose of the STSM was to find alternative usages for lignocellulosic wastes, especially considering them as a source for eco-friendly and renewable energy. During the STSM, application of anaerobic digestion of treated and untreated wastes for biogas and biohydrogen generation were investigated. The aim was to specify the advantages of pretreatment technology for specific wastes by demonstrating optimal conditions for both biogas and biohydrogen production dependence on waste treatment technology and waste-hydrolytic agent ratio. Estimate the role of pH shift during AD and DF and esablish the role of pH on effectivity of desired product yield for specific waste. .

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